It is with a great sadness that I have to announce that Jim, the person behind JTS-Racing passed away on the 20th April 2020.

Jim was an early Internet user (1996) and found forums a great place to pass the time. He was originally active in the Channel 4 racing forum until a breakaway member Daylight (also sadly passed away) announced to Jim that he was creating a rival forum and after many long discussions The Racing Forum was born where Jim was a founder member and serial poster. One thing for sure like Marmite, you either loved or hated Jim. His views on racing and football were polarised sometimes to the extreme and he specialised in having to be right or at least getting the last word. That was the appeal for even non racing fans to log in and read the latest to and fro. After Daylight’s passing, The Racing Forum moved in a different direction and Jim posted less often apart from when anyone mentioned the clock! Later on Jim joined a rival forum (the name of which currently escapes me) where he kept a lower profile until it too moved but this time to social media which was a no go area for Jim.

Jim started JTS-Racing in November 1999 after some thoughts about having his own website where he could post daily racing ‘selections’ (not tips!) and then print it out to take to the local bookies. Apart from a couple of breaks over the years Jim faithfully provided daily selections for 20 years.

The original site operated from Jim’s ISP shared hosting and the URL was ugly so Jim decided to plunge for the domain name jts-racing.co.uk on the 18th June 2000. This was just a redirect as at that time since proper web hosting cost money. Over the course the site morphed from a basic Frontpage Express webpage to forum based and then in 2009 to the current WordPress format.

The Wayback Machine web archive has captured some variants of his website over the years:

  • 07 Feb 2001 This was the second incarnation where Jim was using his ISP webspace¬† http://website.lineone.net/~jts-racing/ to host the site. Notable for the ‘best viewed in 800×600 or higher’ and the lovely grass background!
  • 04 Jun 2002 The third version where the site was now on shared hosting but using the domain name proper.
  • 10 Jun 2004 Jim takes a break after a family bereavement and the site is on hold so it is transferred to a friends shared hosting server for the time being.
  • 07 Mar 2006 The site returns in its fourth format around August 2005 now using the popular PHPBB forum so that there is a backup of previous selections. Still on shared hosting to save money, the main domain name just has a redirect.
  • 07 Feb 2007 Same PHPBB forum but now on proper hosting. From memory this was using a company called clook.net who were later in the news for odd reasons.
  • 11 Apr 2009 Jim takes another break on the 31st May 2008 due to losing interest along with rising costs to host the site.
  • 27 Aug 2009 WordPress takes over the WWW so Jim is introduced to the new way of posting content which is far removed from the early days of Frontpage Express. He likes what he sees and agrees to start posting again but this time in blog format. The site is back hosted on shared webspace. Sadly there does not appear to be archives on the Wayback machine however the posts are retained for….
  • 10 Jun 2011 The final iteration! February 2011 JTS-Racing moves to the free WordPress service. Jim is finally at home with a site that is easy to post selections to without any administration hassle. The only complaint that needed solved was that missing grass background!

All the best Jim you will sorely be missed!

Long time friend


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