Selections Tues 15th May


2.10 Deep Intrigue (Moojim)
2.40 Ahlan Bil Emarati (Triple One)
3.10 Lina’s Star (Ce De Nullis)
3.40 Dapper Man (Flying Foxy)
4.10 Areen Heart (Kentuckyconnection)
4.40 Neverbeen To Paris (Juneau)
5.10 Dame Nellie (Dagueneau)
5.40 Georgian Manor (Chief Justice)


5.15 Molly Blake (Pink Iceburg)
5.50 Zain City (Diocles Of Rome)
6.20 Fair Selene (Hats Off To Larry)
6.50 Jaganory (Harry Beau)
7.20 Pink Phantom (Can Can Sixty Two)
7.50 Unsuspected Girl (Miss Inga Sock)
8.20 The Way You Dance (Sheila’s Fancy)

Lucky 15 bet :-

Areen Heart (4.10 B)
Dame Nellie (5.10 B)
Jaganory (6.50 Ch)
Unsuspected Girl (7.50 Ch)

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